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At Imagine Schools, the concept that a quality education is about so much more than test scores is not only obvious to families, but appreciated.

All campus leaders nationwide believe in nurturing and developing scholars into critical thinkers and well-rounded young people. Educators invest effort and resources into their lives, helping them master state standards and develop strong performance, moral and civic character. As a result, Imagine Schools’ students experience the joy of achievement – in school and in life.

The impact this unique approach makes in the lives of children is not lost on families. Every year in our annual parent satisfaction surveys, parents cite choosing Imagine Schools because of the supportive, nurturing environment for their children.

Allow us to introduce you to one of our families who experienced this firsthand. Jonah struggled through first and second grade before coming to Imagine Schools. Jonah’s mom, Donna, is proud to share what happened once he enrolled in Imagine Schools:

For him and for us, our whole educational path changed. Jonah turned into a new child and school became something he no longer loathed. [Teachers] changed his whole outlook on school…
Jonah has always felt loved and appreciated at Imagine. All of his teachers took an interest in him and helped him. His confidence has grown…
I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you have done…
Imagine Schools' scholar, Jonah H., at his eighth-grade banquet.

Imagine Schools’ scholar, Jonah H., at his eighth-grade banquet.

Jonah is an example of what can happen when schools partner with parents to deliver a personalized, excellent education that empowers a child to grow in character and academic attainment.

A parent’s voice and firsthand experience is so powerful in helping us share the impact our schools are making in the lives of students around the country. Have a story to share? It would be a privilege to have your voice be one that speaks to the kind of education we strive to offer every Imagine Schools student. Please email Rhonda Cagle, chief communications and development officer for Imagine Schools, at [email protected].

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