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Here is what people are saying about Imagine Schools:

“Imagine Prep and Imagine Rosefield in Surprise, AZ are not just schools; they are creation epicenters of future leaders. From being chosen as the pilot school for a young entrepreneurs’ program through the Chamber of Commerce to having students serve on the City Council’s Youth Leadership Council, Imagine Schools has led the way both inside the classroom and out in the community. Surprise has the highest percentage of school-age students in Arizona exercising school choice; both schools are the choice of many because of the focus on strong academics, character development, and individual success.“

A Community Partner
Imagine Prep Surprise and Imagine School at Rosefield, Surprise, AZ

“Here at Imagine Madison Avenue, my children as well as myself are treated as individuals! We are treated with respect and compassion! Every member of the school’s staff seems to work together as a single unit. From the office to the janitorial workers, every person in the school knows my children by name. Every employee takes the time to stop, smile and encourage my children every day! We love our school and highly recommend it to anyone with school age children.“

A Parent
Imagine Madison Avenue School of Arts, Toledo, OH

“Coming from a school with endless bullying, Imagine has been a miracle; it has allowed me to create confidence in myself through character education. What is character education? It’s the core virtues that Imagine focuses on throughout the year. These values open up doors for students, and encourage them to lead examples of each virtue. That is one of the reasons why I love Imagine; it encourages me to change the world starting with the small ideas such as being faithful to a friend or responsible with schoolwork.“

Eighth Grade Student
Imagine Firestone, Firestone, CO

“The students, their families, my peers, administration: all of these are my customers and I cannot let any of them down. I serve all of them and meet the diverse needs and challenges they present. Imagine will succeed or fail on the strength of the people who serve it, on how we represent it, how we grow it, how we treat others and the special moments we create. “

Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher
Imagine Town Center, Palm Coast, FL

“Imagine Schools has made a better high school experience for me and others that will not only lead to better job skills but also better life skills. Imagine provides opportunities that will enable me to graduate with a career path ready to be traveled. The faculty help me get all that I need out of school while making it fun and personalized to what I will need in the future. Imagine looks at the present and also the future for your life. To them you are not just a number, but also a future success in the world.“

Senior High Student
Imagine Prep, Coolidge, AZ

“My daughter has thrived in the past three years she has been at Imagine School at Palmer Ranch. She has been nurtured and supported by the teachers and administration and made to feel part of something special. She has been a peer mentor to younger students, participated in Speech and Debate class & played on sports teams, to name a few. The smaller community has allowed her to have more attention from her teachers and to get extra attention. Rather than feeling like she was thrown to the wolves in other middle schools, she has felt safe and happy. The teachers genuinely care and know the kids.“

A Parent
Imagine School at Palmer Ranch, Sarasota, FL

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