Renaissance Unified Scale

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Starting with the 2022-23 school year Renaissance will only reference the Unified Scale score for SEL, SR and SM Assessments (English and Spanish). Imagine School will transition to the use of the Unified Scale Score as the default scale score for all reports for the 2021-2022 school year. What does that mean to me? First: What will NOT change on …

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STAR and State Assessments for Individuals and Groups

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Previous studies conducted on the results of the STAR spring window assessments and the various state tests have demonstrated a high and consistent relationship in all of the states in which Imagine has a presence (see my first blog post“ How Optimizing Performance on STAR Relates to State Assessments”). Therefore, the issues discussed in this blog post will be based …

Learning Gain and Student Growth Percentile

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Imagine has been using the concept of student growth for many years as an integral part of its educational philosophy and the basis of its school and teacher evaluation and accountability program. Indeed, Imagine has been a leader in the trend away from relying solely on static performance measures to utilizing measures of student gain. The structure of the learning …