Let the Hurricane Roar!

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Hurricane Matthew was a potentially catastrophic storm for much of the East Coast and also Imagine Schools in Florida. Nine Imagine campuses in the state were predicted to take the brunt of Matthew’s force as it made land. As residents stocked up on non-perishable food, water, batteries, generators and other storm provisions, Imagine principals also took action to prepare. Our school …


STAR Results and Proficiency Scores

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My state proficiency scores don’t agree with my STAR results, What’s going on? Proficiency is a statistically vague term that is defined in vastly different ways by different people. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines proficient as “well advanced in an art, occupation, or branch of knowledge”. This is fine, but there will be a lot of variation in what observers think …

A Focused Approach to Achievement and Celebrations

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Imagine Schools began this school year 30,000 students strong at 60 campuses throughout the nation. As a national non-profit family of public charter schools, we have adopted the theme of Focused for this school year to keep us dedicated to purposeful and personalized learning for every Imagine student. We are Focused on our students and our responsibility to empower their …


Learning Gains and State Assessment Results

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Why does it appear that achieving high learning gains doesn’t seem to guarantee good state test results? In the previous blog post of September 13, 2016, we clearly established that there is a very strong relationship between STAR results and state assessment results. That post ended with the conclusion that: The strength of the relationships reported in the Imagine study …


How Optimizing Performance on STAR Relates to State Assessments

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One of the important issues for our schools is the ability to optimize their student’s performance on state tests. One of my (perhaps overused) comments is that effective education will be reflected on any well-constructed test. If this is true, then we can utilize our own assessment program as a substitute for the state tests and, by optimizing performance on …