Tips for Promoting Curiosity and Creativity through Learning Zones

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How can the wonder of playing with toys translate into the joy of playing with ideas? Curiosity and inquisitiveness form the beginnings of meaningful learning about ourselves and the world.  A study in the journal Neuron discovered that students are more interested in learning about topics if their curiosity has been piqued. Matthias Gruber hypothesized that curiosity “put[s] the brain …

Five Ideas to Maximize Classroom Space with an Engaging Design

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Have you noticed when you stand in front of the class to begin teaching your students slouch down in their seats in a lackluster or defensive manner, assuming that another whole group lesson will be boring or too difficult? The design of the classroom space lets students know if it is teacher centered or student centered. Students can tell by …

Five Ways to Create an Optimal Learning Environment

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Open the doors to learning with a school and classroom environment that reflect inclusion and relevance.  These five classroom doors give insight to each teacher’s vision while concurrently focusing on the students.  This five part series on “Optimal Learning Environment”, begins with these five classroom doors.  They show five ways to create an optimal learning environment. On each of about …

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