2023 National Character Essay Contest Winners Announced

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Imagine Schools 17th Annual National Character Essay Contest came to a successful conclusion on April 13, 2023. We are proud of the many young Imagine Schools’ talented writers that participated in this year’s contest.

With 45 schools participating (94%), and 205 entries, a panel of 17 judges read and were inspired by essays that demonstrated an understanding of complex maxims related to this year’s theme of Compassion and Kindness.

The National Character Essay Contest is just one way that we integrate character and academics in purposeful and meaningful ways at Imagine Schools. We are proud of all our students who committed and persevered in completing essays for this important initiative.

All national essay contest winners listed below will receive the following awards to celebrate their achievements:

1st PlacePersonalized trophy, a $50 Amazon gift card and an award certificate
2nd Place$25 Amazon gift card and an award certificate
3rd Place$25 Amazon gift card and an award certificate
Honorable Mention$15 Amazon gift card and an award certificate

Enjoy this video with notable quotes from our talented young writers.

2023 National Character Essay Contest Winners

Third Grade

1st Place:   Anikka Merjilla – Imagine Andrews (MD)

2nd Place:   Abigail Hagan – Imagine Lakewood Ranch (FL)

3rd Place:   Jessica Yuan – Imagine Bell Canyon (AZ)

Honorable Mention:  Marinn Hunsinger – Imagine Madison (OH)

Honorable Mention:  Antonella Arango – Imagine Broward (FL)

Fourth Grade

1st Place:   Dylan Quintana – Imagine Online Academy (AZ)

2nd Place:  Krish Mudhulur – Imagine North Texas (TX)

3rd Place:  Allie Horne – Imagine Broward (FL)

Honorable Mention: Callie Jones – Imagine South Vero (FL)

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Rubenstein – Imagine Chancellor (FL)

Fifth Grade

1st Place:   Haven Worth – Imagine North Port Elementary (FL)

2ndPlace:   Julia Pulimootil – Imagine Broward (FL)

3rd Place:   Serena Vaughn – Imagine South Lake (FL)

Honorable Mention: Kate Altic – Imagine South Vero (FL)

Honorable Mention: Belén Canola – Imagine Weston (FL)

Honorable Mention: Emeka Nwokike – Imagine Mountain View (NV)

Sixth Grade

1st Place:   Will Walsh – Imagine South Vero (FL)

2nd Place:  Orianna Cambra – Imagine Weston (FL)

3rd Place:   Arpana Masapari – Imagine Land O’Lakes (FL)

Honorable Mention: Marelie Cuellar – Imagine Lincoln (MD)

Honorable Mention: Melody Tovar – Imagine Broward (FL)

Honorable Mention: Natalia Carillo Rivera – Imagine Great Western (OH)

Seventh Grade

1st Place:   Laiana Massey – Imagine Lincoln (MD)

2nd Place:  Colton Schilaty – Imagine Land O’Lakes (FL)

3rd Place:   Amiyah Roberts – Imagine East Mesa (AZ)

Honorable Mention: Sofia Formica – Imagine Weston (FL)

Eighth Grade

1st Place:   Madeline Miller – Imagine Prep Surprise (AZ)

2nd Place:  Juley Guan – Imagine Plantation (FL)

3rd Place:   Orlando Lopez – Imagine Buckeye (AZ)

Honorable Mention:   Esteban De La Torre – Imagine Kissimmee (FL)

Honorable Mention:   Allison Serrano – Imagine Broward (FL)

Honorable Mention:   Izyan Ahmed – Imagine Chancellor (FL)

High School

1st Place:   Yana Kovalchuk – Imagine North Port Upper School (FL)

2nd Place:  Abigail Erlandson – Imagine Prep Superstition (AZ)

3rd Place:   Eva Hernandez – Imagine Prep Surprise (AZ)

Honorable Mention: Arianna Soussan – Imagine North Texas (TX)