Two Imagine Public Charter Schools Ranked Among the Top 17 Public Schools in Texas

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Two Imagine School campuses were ranked in the top 1.4% of public school districts in Texas, and were two of the top 10 highest-performing charter schools in the state, based on the 2022 Texas state academic accountability system. Imagine International Academy of North Texas located in McKinney, and Imagine Lone Star Language Academy in Plano each received a 98/100 score.

Each year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides academic accountability ratings to its public school districts statewide. To create the ratings, the TEA assesses student achievement, school progress, and whether districts and campuses are closing achievement gaps.

Of the 1,178 non-AEA districts* that were evaluated this year under the 2022 Texas standard academic accountability system, 386 received an A grade (90 or above) and only 11 scored 98 or higher. Among the top 11 districts are four charter schools, two of which are managed by Imagine Schools. 

“Earning this designation reflects the tremendous dedication of our educators to bring academic and character development excellence into our Imagine classrooms and campuses,” shared Jason Bryant, Co-CEO and President of Imagine Schools. “It serves as an external validation of the collaborative hard work we see every day by our teachers, parents, and students.”

Founded in 2012, Imagine International Academy of North Texas is an open-enrollment public charter school located in McKinney, Texas. Presently, the campus serves students in grades K-12. They are one of very few schools in the United States offering all three International Baccalaureate programs within a single setting at no cost to families.

Lone Star Language Academy is a public tuition-free charter school located in Plano, Texas.  The school began operating in the fall of 2017 and provides students in grades K-5 with an innovative inquiry-based learning experience that fosters critical thinking skills, language acquisition, and intercultural competence.

*There are 1,207 total school districts in Texas; 29 districts are rated under Alternative Education Accountability (AEA) provisions. To see the TEA accountability ratings and data, please visit