Imagine Schools Salutes our 2022 Teacher of the Year and Finalists

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Katelynn Coleman

Imagine Schools is proud to honor Katelynn Coleman, Fifth Grade Math teacher at Imagine South Lake in Clermont, Florida as our 2022 National Teacher of the Year. Ms. Coleman epitomizes the very meaning of a caring teacher and team-mate, while upholding our Shared Values of Justice, Integrity and Fun. 

A firm believer in personal growth, Katelynn serves as Lead Planner and 3rd-5th Grade Peer Coach, preparing and leading monthly professional development in diverse methods of instruction including cooperative learning, whole and small group instruction, inquiry-based learning, room transformations, gamification and Doceri (interactive whiteboard).

Ms. Coleman goes above and beyond for her students, creating exciting learning environments with several room transformations each year. Her class-room has become Fear Factor, Survivor Island, Candy Land, Operation, Secret Agents, and more. She loves engaging students while making math exciting and hands-on. From teaching rounding lessons using balloons, to creating colorful Google homework for students to complete, she grabs their attention, holds it and inspires their love of math.

Ms. Coleman is a strong advocate for each student’s growth, as evidenced by her overall assessment results with a STAR learning gain of 1.14, NCE of 76.36 and SGP of 83. Katelynn believes her strong rapport with students, parents and colleagues is the foundation for her success. She looks for ways daily to help her students, her team, and the entire school.

Barry Sharp, Co-CEO and President of Imagine Schools, surprised Ms. Coleman with the award. She was joined by her parents, colleagues, ISL’s Board Chair, the Southeast Florida region team and all Imagine South Lake fifth graders to celebrate the special occasion.

Outstanding Teachers

We also want to celebrate our two national Teacher of the Year Runners-Up and each of the Group Finalists for their outstanding service to our students and organization.

Lisa George, Imagine Schools 2022 National Co-Runner-Up from Amy Buttke’s group, teaches Fourth and Fifth Grade General Education and Intervention – Special Education Inclusion at Imagine Klepinger Road Community School in Dayton, Ohio. Lisa believes that parents choose Imagine when they trust us with their children’s safety and academics. Her leadership in the community is seen through her grant writing, totaling over $4,000 for school projects, as well as her development of partnerships with local businesses to obtain needed resources and support. Ms. George believes in an environment where students are free to make mistakes, where forgiveness and chances are a must, and where each child is safe and loved. As a teacher mentor, student council and cheerleading advisor, character education judge, yearbook photographer, and fundraising director, Lisa brings so many of her talents to impact student growth.

Melissa Stetson, Imagine Schools 2022 National Co-Runner-Up from Monte Lange’s group, teaches High School Chemistry, Biology, Forensics and Earth Science at Imagine Prep Coolidge in Coolidge, Arizona. Melissa’s classroom environment is built on the premises that “mistakes are opportunities to learn” and “hard work develops the character traits to be an effective role model”. As the Taskforce Lead for Character Development, she sought advice that led her to a decision to implement a monthly Character award. Her belief in each student is seen in her community involvement as well as her leadership, serving as the advisor for the IPC Student Council, Grade Level and Science Department Lead, and her numerous professional memberships. Observing Melissa’s interactions with students underscores her passion for her profession.

Cassandra Barrett, Imagine Schools 2022 Region Winner from Shawn Toler’s group, teaches Seventh and Eighth Grade Reading/English Language Arts at Imagine Andrews Public Charter School in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Serving as the Professional Development Lead Teacher, PSAT 8/9 Ambassador and Canvas Champion, Cassandra assists in the planning and execution of programs and assemblies for her campus. As a member of the Instructional Leadership Team, she has served as an advisor for school planning, advised the Student Government Association, and worked with district representatives to enhance the testing experience for middle school scholars taking their assessment to transition to high school. Her principal, H. Doug Rice II, stated, “Ms. Barrett is a natural leader… a team player and solution-oriented.” Many teachers attribute their success to her mentorship.

Tiffany Harvey-Ward, Imagine Schools 2022 Region Winner from Rod Sasse’s group, teaches First Grade at Imagine Chancellor in Boynton Beach, Florida. For Tiffany, serving as a member of the school’s economic sustainability committee helps ensure that her focus on budgets and resources is assisting in providing an optimal learning environment. With her class donations, she was able to purchase new science materials for their yearly STEAM project: “Lego Build to Launch in collaboration with NASA and Artemis 1 Mission”. Tiffany places great importance on formative assessments, feedback and re-teaching. As her Principal, Stephanie Standley states, “Tiffany Harvey-Ward was born to be an educator. As soon as you step into her classroom or see her interact with students, her passion and special gift for teaching is easily identifiable.”

Scott Gebbie, Imagine Schools 2022 Region Winner from Brad Uchaz’s group, teaches Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies at Imagine Avondale in Avondale, Arizona. Scott’s belief in the importance of being “an informed and responsible citizen of the world” is a driving force in his desire to teach. One of his greatest achievements as an eighth-grade teacher is his students’ high passing rate on the state’s Civics Test. By using real life examples, theatrical settings, and lots of humor, Mr. Gebbie is able to reach students who might otherwise be “overlooked”. Scott’s leadership skill sets allow him to serve in diverse areas such as Eighth Grade and Middle School Lead Teacher, Chair of the Economic Sustainability and Character Committees, and a coach of many sports.

We salute these exceptional teachers for their relentless pursuit of excellence on behalf of the students they serve.