Character Wins the Race

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Imagine School at Palmer Ranch in Sarasota, FL recently participated in a cross country competition.  One of our student athletes, “Oliver”, has cerebral palsy.  According to his principal, Alisa Wright, his movements are awkward and he is slower than the rest of the team, but he has extraordinary determination.

The meet progressed as expected.  Our students suited up, left school early, and arrived with focused attention to warm up for the competition.  The students lined up, the siren sounded, and the athletes were off.  Our fastest, most competitive runners quickly pulled ahead of the pack, determined to place.  Oliver exemplified grit as he conquered the lap at his own pace.

Nearing the end, our fastest runners were pushing to outrun other teams.  As runners ran neck and neck with our athletes, our students could hear competing runners making fun of Oliver. Without hesitation, our Imagine students turned around and went back to Oliver.  One by one, each of his team mates joined him, electing to finish together as a team in lieu of winning or placing as individual runners.

Imagine students choose to finish race with team mate; demonstrating the real win in the competition.


Principal Wright states, “I couldn’t be prouder of my student athletes, their teachers, and their parents for raising such incredible human beings.”

We agree with Ms. Wright and are proud of our students for displaying the positive character Imagine Schools expects from every Imagine scholar. These middle school children demonstrate our efforts to equip every Imagine student for lives of leadership, accomplishment, and exemplary character. And that’s a win that will last a lifetime!

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  1. This is truly an example of how students truly understand and can put into practice our shared values and basic human compassion and concern when it is modeled for them. Not only are they receiving it at school but it is obviously being modeled at their homes. All winners in the end because they will truly be world changers!!!!

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