Imagine Master Academy partners with the National Network of Digital Schools

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FORT WAYNE, IN, Jan. 17, 2013 – Through a partnership with the National Network of Digital Schools (NNDS), school officials at Imagine Master Academy offer their students an exciting instructional alternative to the traditional classroom experience.

Combining the flexible pacing options of online curriculum with the support of a facilitator in the classroom, Imagine Master Academy will provide unmatched academic rigor with in-class support for students for improved comprehension.  This blended teaching approach will be piloted in an English Language Arts course for 20 students.

NNDS provides the nation’s leading online curriculum, Lincoln Interactive.  Used by thousands of students worldwide, Lincoln Interactive offers more than 250 courses and utilizes 21st century technology to deliver the course content.  Lincoln Interactive curriculum allows an innovative learning experience personalized for each student based on his or her wants and needs.

Executive Vice President Jason Bryant remarked, “Imagine Schools and the local board of Imagine MASTer Academy are always looking for ways to provide unique student focused initiatives.  Each student learns differently and the blended curriculum pilot with NNDS is another opportunity to meet the needs of our students and families we serve”.

Students and families involved in the pilot program will have multiple opportunities to provide advice and feedback throughout this experience, according to Assistant School Leader Brad Crozier.

“We hope to deepen our understanding of the online curriculum and the benefits it can offer our students,” said Crozier.  “Our intent is always to provide the best educational experience for our students, knowing that individual needs differ from student to student.  We believe this partnership will keep us on the path to do just that!”

Families interested in learning more about the opportunities available at Imagine Master Academy can contact the school at 260-420-8395, or online at


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