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FORT WAYNE, IN (20 December 2012) — Imagine Schools on Broadway held a focused and informative academic parent meeting for all parents of students in the third, fourth, and fifth grades. Imagine staff presented its plan for students’ academic success for the balance of the school year.

Lindsay Omlor, Assistant Principal and Title I Coordinator at Imagine on Broadway, had this to say: “In order to ensure our student’s personal success, we’ve created an individualized plan to best meet each child’s academic needs. This plan is founded on the partnership our staff, students, and parents, and all stakeholders are accountable in order to guarantee student success!”

Parents were informed of how students’ individual needs were going to be met through three different avenues. Parents were given information on tutoring groups, daily at home academic packets, and customized academic projects designed to enrich and challenge students. Parents left feeling encouraged that Imagine Schools on Broadway is taking a proactive approach to educating their students and developing individualized academic plans for them based on personal needs.

After the meeting, many parents shared the same enthusiasm, including the father of a third grade student. “This is great; it’s fantastic! This is what our kids need, and I am really excited because I know it’s going to help.”

As a public charter school, Imagine Schools on Broadway strives to offer parents and students an alternative to traditional public schools, with a heightened focus on individualized instruction and character building. “At the end of the day, our school is motivated by one thing: our kids. The end goal in all of this is to better serve our students. As long as we are doing everything that we can do to grow our kids, and partner with our parents, then we are fulfilling our purpose,” concluded Omlor.

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Imagine Schools on Broadway is public charter school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which educates students in grades K-5. Imagine Schools on Broadway partners with parents and guardians to educate all children by providing high quality education in order to prepare students for lives of leadership, accomplishment, and exemplary character.

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